Combustion of Exhaust Air for Odour Elimination



Combustion of exhaust air at high temperatures leads to a very efficient elimination of obnoxious smells / odours before discharge top the environment, - and in many cases also an efficient way to eliminate controversial chemical compositions. 

The INGAS incinerators are compact small and medium size units, and they are always adapted to the actual circumstances i.e. requirements as for combustion temperature and swell time. 

Incinerator combined with a Thermal Oil Heater


The incinerators type INGAS offers a very rigid construction based on many years of experience. The design is however carefully adapted to the individual task by the combustion chambers' geometric lay-out, burner design and a controlled optimised supplies of primary and secondary combustion air, and exhaust gas.

The incinerators can be combined with heat recovery facilities i.e. economizers / exhaust gas boilers - and on request the can be installed and started-up by TT BOILERS.


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